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Estes Park Cabins

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Solitude Cabins, located in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, inhabits nine acres with over 300 trees. Solitude consists of 45 standalone cabins, seven hotel-style rooms, and an event space that accommodates up to 40.

Private Cabins

Our cabins are a four-season retreat in the Colorado Rockies boasting 1,200 square feet. Solitude Cabins offers fully furnished, private vacation rentals with two bedrooms and two bathrooms that sleep up to six people. 

Hotel Rooms

At our lodge, we feature seven hotel-style rooms. Our rooms boast one king-size bed, a queen sofa, and an electric fireplace. Perfect for a couple or a pair of friends, you’ll love these smaller spaces at Solitude Cabins.

Event Space

The Lodge at Solitude Cabins has a gorgeous gathering room for events can accommodate up to 40 people. From family reunions to baby showers, the staff of Solitude Cabins will strive to make your event memorable.

Solitude Cabins in Estes Park is fashioned to give tribute to a renowned watercolor artist, Charles Partridge Adams, who owned this property in the early 1900’s and built the original house as his studio. Mr. Adams named his studio “The Sketch Box,” (hence, the name of our street through Solitude Cabins — Sketch Box Lane). In addition, the covered picnic pavilion is appropriately named the Charles Patridge Adams Pavilion.


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1885 Sketch Box Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517