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If you’re attending the 2019 National Western Stock Show, you already have an entire itinerary of PBR events to watch, livestock shows to see, and tractor races to win — as do 700,000 other people.

While National Western itself is like Christmas in January, it can also be overwhelming to deal with crowds, the hustle and bustle of Denver, and the constant activity.

If you already know you can only handle big crowds for so long, we recommend bookending your trip with a few Colorado activities or escaping to solitude in the middle of National Western.

Here are some ideas for trips that are close to Denver but will transport you to a different world entirely.

1. Visit Rocky Mountain National Park

You know those stunning, 14,000-foot snow-capped peaks you see in the distance? You can actually stand at the base of those (or on top of them, but we don’t recommend that for January) with a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Open all year round, Rocky Mountain National Park is the front yard of the Rocky Mountains. Go on moderate hikes with snowshoes to see once-in-a-lifetime vistas, or wake up early to catch scenes of wild moose bathing in ice cold mountain lakes.

There’s no shortage of activities and sights to behold in Rocky Mountain, just a short drive from Denver.

2. Check Out The Stanley Hotel

If you’re a fan of The Shining and Stephen King, you have to visit the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. In the 1970s, King stayed overnight in the Stanley and this visit inspired his subsequent novel and classic horror film.

Beyond its role in The Shining, the Stanley Hotel has its own fascinating history. Check out the hallowed halls for yourself with a visit to Estes Park.

3. Rent A Snowmobile

It might not be the same type of ride as one on an angry bull, but driving a snowmobile is an incredibly fun time. In Estes Park, there are various snowmobile rental companies that allow you to rent the machinery and even offer guided tours through the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills.

If you want more of a break and would rather not be hiking on your feet all day, we highly recommend this option.

4. Stay At An Estes Park Vacation Rental

While the drive to the mountains is only an hour or so, taking a daytrip doesn’t do Estes Park justice. You’ll appreciate the time away from the rodeo, and you’ll definitely want to stay for a night or two.

During your overnight or two-night trip, Solitude Cabins in Estes Park is the vacation rental for you. Solitude Cabins are the definition of cozy, peaceful, and relaxing. Spend time in the hot tub, snowshoe around the beautiful ground, and escape the rodeo chaos for awhile.

Plus, National Western Stock Show attendees are eligible for a special rate when they book at Solitude Cabins in Estes Park. Book your piece of solitude today at our Estes Park vacation rental!